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Headstone Cleaning

Broward Monument provides several services to its customers. Over a period of time cemetery headstones will need cleaning and/or restoration. Cemetery monuments will accumulate deposits of hard water, dirt, mold and of their materials that grow on porous stone.

Materials used to clean cemetery headstones can affect the overall appearance or finish of the type of material used for cleaning if it's not the right one. There are also certain materials that cemeteries will allow or not allow to be used on-site at the cemetery.

Broward Monument, depending on the size of the Monument can bring the monument into its facility for cleaning and then return final product back to the cemetery. For over the last 30 years we have cleaned hundreds of monuments in various cemeteries throughout the area.

Headstone Lettering

Broward Monument can add lettering to an existing grave marker in-cemetery or by bringing the monument to their facility for engraving. This is usually performed for companion headstones or for family memorials. Usually at this time the headstone will also be cleaned.

Before & After Restoration

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