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Bronze memorials are sometimes referred to as Bronze grave markers. These memorials praise your family's name and heritage eternally. The memorials can be designated as individual, companion, infant, and cremation styles.

Bronze Vases

Designed to handle modest to generous floral arrangements, Granite Bronze vases are fabricated for beauty and made to last. Nothing illuminates a memorial or displays the endearment that the bereaved reserve for their loved ones more than a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Bronze Infant Markers

Infant Grave Markers are used to mark the graves of babies and children. Usually these markers are small in comparison to the standard adult sized marker. However, if the cemetery you are working with will allow an adult size, we are happy to accommodate you. We offer a wide variety of designs and symbols to memorialize your loved one. Broward Monument will work diligently with you to create your desired design.


Bronze Plaques

We design quality plaques so your loved ones can be remembered with dignity and honor. We can custom design a plaque to suit any of your needs, including size, image, design, and more.


Bronze Grave Markers

Bronze Grave Markers are not only chosen for their elegant appearance, but also for the fact that they are custom-made due to the various design options that are available. Bronze markers are typically rectangular and come in several sizes. Bronze Grave Markers are often ordered with a granite base affixed to bronze plaques. We have a wide selection of granites to choose from in addition to a wide array of emblems and motifs such as religious symbols, floral designs, intricate borders and several more. If there is not an exact design to your liking, we're happy to work together to fulfill your creative vision.


Bronze Cremation Marker

More people are choosing cremation. That doesn't mean they shouldn’t be honored with memorials. A memorial serves a key function, providing a sanctuary for family members to honor a loved one through a memorial reflecting that person's life. Cremation memorials feature beautiful and innovative designs and a breadth of variety ranging from cored boulders, cored benches developed with stunning statuary, pillars and bronze-on-granite flush memorials.

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