Nothing illuminates a memorial or displays the endearment that the bereaved reserve for their loved ones more than a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Designed to handle modest to generous floral arrangements, Granite Bronze vases are fabricated for beauty and made to last. Four appealing shapes are available: the straight and cylindrical Garden, the bulbous Patrician with rim flaring outwards, the shiny gold Signature vase and the slender Regency.

Signature Vase - shiny finish only

Regency Vase - slender shape - matte or gloss finish available

Patrician Vase - bulbous shape - matte, gloss or antique finish available

Garden Vase - Straight, cylindrical shape - matte or gloss finish available

Broward Monuments’ bronze vases are elegant enough to complement the most breathtaking floral displays, and large enough to accommodate the most generous. Our Garden vase and Patrician vase are interchangeable within multiple designs.


All can be easily assembled on bronze or granite markers.

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Flat Headstone ready for Vase to be inserted.


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Preserving the Memory of Your Loved One

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